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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Magical Pointe Shoes- Swan Lake Behind the Scenes

Magical Pointe Shoes  Beyond the Pointe Shoe Box

Welcome to a new blog post section dedicated to the art of ballet! Whether you enjoy ballet as a hobby or as an art, feel free to follow this blog post as I will be posting technique explanations, performance experiences, and Holiday Classics! As a Professionally trained ballerina at the School of American Ballet in Lincoln Center, I have gained a sense of self-discipline that I aim to share and spread through these posts.  Enjoy :)

Swan Lake Behind the Scenes


In today's blog post I wanted to discuss the feeling of performing a variation on stage. When you are alone on the stage, you really have to own it. You have to put everything you got out there, so in essence, you are sharing your soul with the audience.

My lovely teacher watching back stage (Larissa) in the picture is a wonderful mentor. Her coaching is elegantly flawless. She enhances my creativity by encouraging my freedom of choosing certain choreography over others.

Swan Lake Finale
While Swan Lake is a difficult ballet to perform, especially with the uniqueness and precision of the flawlessly idealistic Odette, it felt magical to dance this variation because of all the love and dedication that went into the weekly rehearsal process beyond the pointe shoe box.