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Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Favorites

It is coming to a completion of March, and I have some cool new Favorites of the Month, enjoy! 

Favorite Snack:

Snacks are great especially when you have a busy schedule and you need to contain your energy! I love either a quick smoothie or some red tea with lemon, raisins, and sunflower seed butter. MM mm good! 

Favorite Movie:

 National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985) starring Chevy Chase. This is a hilarious movie, which is in a series but the second one is the funniest one, as this family goes on a vacation road trip type thing. Great for some family time.

Favorite Song:

My oh My by Slade (1983) is a rock song ballad and it is one of the best songs I have heard. It is super powerful and inspiring all at once. Have a listen when you get a chance :)

Favorite Moment:

Like every month a full moon and new moon both arrive unexpectedly as it may seem at times. This particular month seemed somewhat intense. Usually when there is a full moon, people feel more aggressive, emotional, creative, and powerful. I decided to Google "March Full Moon" to find out more since I realized that on this day or a little before or after, people around me including myself were getting more nervous, angry, and unable to have peaceful interactions and conversations with each other. It seemed bizarre at first because how accurate it was. When I read more I learned that something happens during the full moon to all of us. We get an opportunity to be in the present moment, truly accepting how we feel, whether that be happy or sad. There is this sense of rush of emotions flooding your body which is hard to contain in a peaceful manner. When you feel an intense feeling like this, best thing to do is to fully accept it and invite all of what you are feeling. Once you do that, you let it go and just breathe it out. It can be confusing but also healing if we are truly ready for growth and love. Funny thing, it also snowed on both the full moon and new moon.
The new moon (March 20, 2015) also has that similar power, and plus, it was the same day as the equinox solar eclipse and first day of spring, as well as the emergence of the first sign: Aries. Call it what you wish: rebirth, a new beginning, a close to old endings, but just know that this is the process of transformation. It is emotionally challenging yet completely rewarding and releasing once we fully get in touch with our hurt, pain, and most deepest feelings.

Favorite Stress Reliever:

A Bath! After a good workout or when you just feel sore take a bath! It is amazing. Just lay there in the warmth and enjoy it for 10-20minutes. Make your own scented bath salts too! This is a wonderful way to get fully relaxed, with a sense of aromatherapy. You can mix herbs, oils, and salts according to your current desired scent. I like using: Epsom Salt, a Lavender scent (Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts), and a dash of baking soda. These ingredients make a luxurious and detoxing homemade bath experience!