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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday shopping

Sunday is usually food shopping day, so here is a bit of what we bought:

Sour cream
Sour cherries
Honey due
A bit of dessert (Russian cheesecake bars with strawberry filling)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

June, Summer, Full Moon

June welcomes summer! Enjoy the beautiful nature.

INTERESTING FACT: We all know that the full moon comes around every month. This month, interestingly, on Sunday, this particular Supermoon will be closest to the earth than any other typical full moon night.

Welcome Summer! The days are longer and the sun shines brighter. In essence, this is a time for rejuvenation. Energy is at its' high. We can do lots of things that can brighten up our day. First, get a notebook and begin making small goals that are reachable. 

-Like, laundry this weekend, planting flowers on the windowsill, or learning a new craft such as learning a new language or an instrument. It could be baby steps, but any movement forward is the right direction to take! You can organize your house and begin a new and healthy lifestyle. Yoga every other day, watching YouTube videos on how to do yoga. Call up your parents and grandparents and chat with them. Talk about the weather, the family, or old memories. Set aside some quality time to spend with your loved ones. This will fulfill your heart and soul. Make a difference. Take your kids or friends to a local community shelter or anything that gives you the option of helping others.
Summer is a time for a new thought process. Whatever stress you went through or are going through, transition to a new way of thinking. It may be hard at first, but healthy in the long run. Think positively, and do not attack people. Do not put down the people that really love you and care for you. Yes there may be misunderstandings or communication gaps every so often, but keep your head up high and stay happy! We owe it to ourselves to maintain that vigilance and vigor and strength to keep us grounded and sane at the end of the day.

A nice and healthy lunch today consists of 1 cup of green tea, an organic green apple, and sunflower seeds! This is a great lunch that is light, just right for summer.

The fireworks commenced Friday evening, the first of the season, it's official! Fireworks are always fun and thrilling, and they have a way of bringing people together to essentially unite them. Welcome Summer!

After the supermoon of 2013, the sunset was sublime! The clouds were spread apart and the sunset had a gorgeous red/orange lighting. Great way to end a weekend.

Pineapple is such an attractive fruit wouldn't you agree? Not is it only tropical, but it has great health benefits as well. It is so colorful one would think it is as sweet as candy. Well, it may be as sweet as candy, but it is very healthy nonetheless. It has immense qualities such as aiding indigestion and minimizing sinuses. It also has large amounts of manganese crucial for overall bone density and health. Bromelain may very well be one of the main sources of nutrition. Bromelian breaks down protein and this is a vital part in the whole process of digestion. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory fruit. So go buy yourself some fresh pineapple and enjoy it in your smoothie or after a big meal!

June also brings sibling graduation! ~6/23/13

Celebrations and food go hand in hand. Dinner time is cheese pizza, olives from Greece, and some orange juice.

After dinner there's dessert! Apple strudels and La Moure ( old fashioned Cake of love) with a glass of whole milk.

One morning at 5am I was awakened (6/25/13) by this beautiful full moon! It was simply beautiful and not so usual at this time (when the sun typically begins to rise).

The weather looks like its going to be cloudy the whole week, no tanning this week folks! It will still be warm so you can still go out for a walk or jog and enjoy it without getting too hot.

The Saturday sky is clear and lusciously appealing! Even in the evening the sun is still shining bright and the sky is like a baby blue color.

My sister's yummy snack, PB&J time. Then strawberry Haagen Dazs ice-cream. The ultimate weekend indulgence at it's finest!

Fruits Galore, summertime is a time for tropical and juicy fruits! Pineapple cut and ready from the fridge.

For today's dinner we have some salad with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and garlic with a drop of olive oil. Since the strawberries from the farmers market are so delicious everyone wants to eat them quickly, with dinner and with breakfast! 6/30/13~

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rain rain don't complain

Pre-storm: This weekend is coming to bring upon rain and thunder storms. All of the local news channels are urging residents of ny, li, nj, and the areas in between and along to stay put and not head out. They say this Andrea rainstorm came from Boston and headed down to Florida as well. 4 inches of rain is promised, so this tropical storm is said to surge its way into the states and leave behind some damage. Interestingly enough, Saturday welcomes a New Moon of Gemini, so that with Andrea in June creates this dynamic situation.

Post-storm: with winds, thunder, lots of rain, and lightening, there was definite flooding after all of the rain has passed, but it wasn't too extreme at the end of the day. The highways did, however, experience the after effects of the tropical storm.