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Monday, January 19, 2015

January Favorites

Hey lovely,

January is here and many new things are happening (hence, the NEW YEAR) so I thought I'd share some of my favorite things this month!

Favorite quote: 

"Tears are words the heart can't say"

Ever have one of those days where you just don't get anything around you? Either you feel  misunderstood, confused, overworked, or you may feel a bit lost inside. It happens, as we are all individual souls on very unique journeys that take us to different places and affect our heart on different levels. I love this quote for many reasons, one of them being it has been raining here today on Sunday all day, and it gives me a sense of understanding about water, tears, and rain. That whole process is really releasing. People think crying is for babies or as adults, typically "allowed" for girls. Not true. Sometimes, some days, you just have to cry and relieve all that built up stress, because let's face it, life can be stressful. There is some kind of peace within all the rain, don't you think? Once you let it out, you don't feel as angry anymore, you just feel like you got more in touch with your soul, so then you are able to grow more as a human being. The saying: And rain will make the flowers grow, totally makes sense. Break down those walls and accept all that you are, with your tears helping to guide you when your words are not able to come out.

Favorite tea: 

On a lighter note, tea is soothingly amazing! Tea is such a great kind of thing to drink. I like my teas either in the morning or before I go to bed, the latter is more likely, as it calms me down. This month I have tried this amazing combination of red tea and lemon juice. Delicious! Seriously, it is tangy fresh and also decaffeinated in case you don't feel like drinking a lot of caffeine especially at night.  

Favorite smoothie:

Smoothies are becoming so popular and I am learning more and more about them all the time. You can mix and match so many different foods to create a deliciously satisfying drink that has many nutrients as well. This month I would have to say my favorite smoothie is the Bubblegum colored one. The ingredients are: apples, carrots or beets, celery, ginger, and lemon juice. You can play around with the quantity until if fits your taste buds.

Favorite habit:

Since the New Year usually calls for a renewed kind of feeling and attitude, it is a great idea to take that concept and make a reality out of it. Look into yourself and feel what you can change to make yourself more content with yourself and your life. For me, going to bed early is an important habit to actively put to good use. It is all based on your self-discipline. Knowing you must do it makes you want to follow through it. Make it a mental thing and just get ready to go to bed at a specific time, like 11pm. Turn of all your distractions (iphone, ipad, tv, music). It gives you a chance to really and fully unwind and get better acquainted with yourself. So go ahead and recharge your body properly!

 Favorite moment:

While there are many moments that are simply beautiful and utterly magnificent, the first official snow day is pretty awesome! It happened sometime in January and that day just seemed magical. The air is crisp clear and you could literally smell the airiness scent of the pure white glistening snow. Waking up to snow that has already fallen on the ground is just one of those things you have to be grateful for to just take it all in and enjoy-and maybe have a snowball fight :) 

 Favorite meal:

January is a fairly cold month, depending on where you live of course, but still, many people get colds this time of the year so I thought I would add one of my favorite meals for January. Especially if you have a sensitive stomach either during or after a cold, try this delicious concoction consisting of: cooked oatmeal with chia seeds and a banana. If you want you can add some dried plums to the oatmeal to make it a bit sweeter!

Favorite show: 

This month I think the best show would have to be King of Queens. This hilariously entertaining show really makes me laugh as it always has a message about the unity of family life, or specifically in their case, marriage. You have a married couple that fights like cats and dogs but loves one another just as crazily. I generally enjoy shows that have a clear moral message of doing the right thing, caring for others, and just having fun along the way!

Well, there you have it folks! Hope you enjoyed some of my January favorites and the message or theme that seemed to repetitively show up: RENEWAL. Whatever you enjoy doing or eating or listening to or watching, find a way to renew yourself while doing it. It makes your life experiences that much more satisfying and you will feel lighter and brighter as a human being.

Love ya'll!
Lusciously Levi

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome 2015!

Welcome 2015! It's a new year, a new light and sense of love that we can all feel. However, in society, that typically means that there is a lot that people seem to desire to change about themselves at the drop of a coin. There are recurrent resolutions circulating throughout and that seems to uncover an uncanny idea that people are just not satisfied with themselves.

The whole point of this crazy and beautiful journey called life is to live in the present moment and savor each scent, each soul, and each experience. Sure we can actively grow to be better people and choose better habits, but this should already be happening on a daily basis, as it is a lifestyle choice. Although, if we so desperately choose to focus on that material aspect (chasing after money, working out 24/7 to fit a desirable size, obsessing over competing or comparing any aspect of our lives with others), we eventually loose sight of the real meaning of life.

Therefore, the glorious New Year is not about sole resolutions but about living life presently, fully, with joy and gratitude. This kind of living is done from your heart. At the root of it all, a quote that clearly resonates with that idea is as follows:

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body"  - C. S. Lewis

This may be a daunting thought at first, after we have tried for so long to fit in and follow society blindly, and adapt to certain traditions that may not define us at all. We have a tendency to complain, to argue, to prove our points, to be upset that nothing seems perfect. If we were to stop doing that and to learn to be grounded, caring, supportive, and kind, we would turn around our unhappiness and enjoy our lives more fully. We would be able to love and share that love with people around us, spreading that positive energy. We would be able to honestly express our hearts, free our souls, and accept all that we are --> Divine Love

La Vida Es Amor

Life is love. This is a fact. Yet sometimes, you must go through an experience or two to make yourself realize this simple fact. Maybe you just don't understand people around you. Sometimes people around you don't seem to understand you. Maybe this is a time of transition in humanity. As humans, we begin to feel certain things and reemerge as beings that are desperately searching for that universal sense of love.

Love is the higher intelligence 

I have come to some understandings about love, over time, as it is not something that is taboo or egotistically based. It is not a romantic obsession or a desiring illusion. On the contrary, if you really know who you are, you will figure out that you are love. You are all that is pure. It might sound silly, but hey, love was never made to be complicated. We just made it like that with all these rules and formulas to what is preferred within society. But really, love is all around us, if we can slow down enough to see it, feel it, live it, and breathe it.

Love is not materialistic and does not feel like a competition or make you feel like a victim or hero. It just is..

Each time you remember the truth of who you are, you truly bring more light into the world.
Know the difference between those who feed your ego and those who feed your soul -- examples--If a person wants to be your friend to gain something from you, they are not feeding your soul. If people around you only want to be popular and do things that might not resonate with you, they are not interested in feeding your soul. That is ok, but that does not mean you have to continue to actively spend your time with them. Let them find their way. Life is a voyage that is homeward bound and home is where the heart is. So the journey is getting in touch with what the heart needs to feel opened, loved, connected, and supported 💙

Sometimes I still have no understanding of anything or anyone. Sometimes I get lost around people. But then I think of what gives me meaning, my family, my true friends, and positive energy. We all tend to forget what truly matters in this beautiful world, which is loving your life and family each and every day. So on this lovely holiday season, let's get back to remembering that true meaning of life, by fully expressing our hearts.

**Instead of making more resolutions, let's all try to focus more on the inner you and then you will be balanced. Just learn to be here, now, in the present moment, as a true gift to us. Eat less processed foods, stay away from alcohol, don't smoke, eat nutritious foods (greens, veggies, fruits), respect your body in a way that makes you feel like you deserve all that you are.**

**Love life every day physically and spiritually. What does this mean? Basically, don't force things on you. Either that be a certain career, certain people, etc. Go with the flow more, and simply love people for who they are. We are all trying to be our best selves, but we are on different levels., so we need to accept all as is, and this is OK. How do you physically love life: Enjoy taking your walk or working out, enjoy eating your meals, enjoy spending time with loved ones; the basis is priority. Now spiritually: We all desperately want to find meaning in life at some point or another. Meaning equals pure joy, happiness, contentment, and utter satisfaction. That requires going on an inward journey to the Self. Uncover the true depths of your soul and find what makes you feel free, what makes your soul burst with light and energy. It's all about your true expression of your divine authenticity. So go on and find yourself, for you will then understand the meaning of life. 

Love ya'll!
Lusciously Levi