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Friday, August 15, 2014

Yogurt parfait with a twist

Hi lovely,

Yogurt is delicious and aids in digestion if it is plain and contains live active cultures. Heres a delicious recipe that you can enjoy as a snack or lunch meal: 

Plain yogurt 
a handful of sunflower seeds 
2-3 dried apricots or applesauce 

Prepare about one cup of plain yogurt, sprinkle a handful of sunflower seeds on the yogurt, and top it off with a few dried fruits! This is a great 3-in-1 combination recipe and to complete it, drink it down with some pure coconut water. Enjoy!

Avocado egg salad delight

Hello lovely!

Here's something new: a great and super quick healthy salad recipe, perfect for any occasion or meal. The combination of these foods is satisfyingly superb. Here are the ingredients:

2 avocados 
7 eggs
2 medium eggplants
5 young leek (green onion)
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 
Pinch of salt 

To add to the magnificent flavor of the overall salad, mix it up with a handful of walnuts and a few spoons of cream-cheese to satisfy your palate!