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Monday, December 3, 2012

Delightful December

Clementines for sale
These juicy fruits are delectable yet so small!
Squirrel Eating Quietly
On a warm Wednesday, this cute little squirrel went near a broken tree (due to Sandy) and peacefully decided to munch on his or her lunch (nuts, preferably).
 A piece of nature
Sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy the view.
 Trying is the first step 

Gain inspiration from within when there is momentarily none on the external surface.

It is warm out today! Almost feels like summer

Grandma's Farmer Cheese

This old fashioned farmer cheese seems to continue and thrive exceedingly and implicitly adheres to serving the current generation of hungry people. They do have a unique and everlasting traditional saying that grandmas make the best (combination of healthy and tasty) food!

Christmas Decorations are in full swing on balconies!
 Quote of the Day
"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
Easier said than done, I contest that these wise words are truly a valuable imaginary keepsake for every individual to contain.


Laundry Day

Time to get busy with the laundry! Soap, money, and all of the clothes. Homemade chocolate bread 

December calls for some good eat'n! Here's some nice comfort food after a long, cold day.

Homemade borscht
A Russian delicatessen, borscht is a traditional homemade soup served either in a red or green color. You could also choose hot vs. cold. Sour cream is another option to add to the soup for extra flavor as well as adding a slice of crispy bread with butter to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy



Time to get your nutcrackers out! A majestic symbol in the ballet, "The Nutcracker" and one that I performed in many many times at the New York City Ballet with The School of American Ballet. So fulfilling and rewarding, performing for all of the excitedly awaiting children. Do they really crack nuts though?

Santa is coming to Town

Amidst the holiday festivities, many children's stores have added a traditional Christmas tree and the good ol' Santa Claus in the front main window so that all the fellow onlookers would enjoy and appreciate the atmosphere with their kids.

A taste of the holidays, literally!  

-Here are just a few of the yummy Christmas desserts that are beautiful to look at, they automatically get you into the spirit of family and love!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear diary

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Easier said than done, I contest that these wise words are truly a valuable imaginary keepsake for every individual to contain. 

Word of the day is: nictitate. It means to wink.
Americans are commonly known for their keen, unique, rapid lifestyles. Always on the go, we conceptualize and in turn physically act upon everything quickly. Whether that be fashion, business, or politics, the art of speaking deserves as much effort as the former categories require.
There are college courses specifically devoted to teaching pure public speaking. This is essentially a skill, one that requires effort, time, and practice. Reading daily correlates positively with a broader vocabulary, and an increased intellect. Ultimately, reading anything and everything is simply suggested. Newspapers, books, articles, catalogs, novels, maps, etc., all vastly contribute to our vocabulary and impact our way of communicating with others. It benefits each and everyone in a way that increases knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for all.

Weekend after Thanksgiving: Family Outing

Watching tv, just ate breakfast, studying psychology. Yesterday was freezing but nice out. Me and my family went out to a farmers market and bought delicious fresh fruit. Among the delectable Fuji apples, hot apple cider, apple plain donuts, scallops, french baguettes, and apple muffins were all purchased as well. We proceeded to take a walk in a park even though it was breezy and chilly out.
Listening to Taylor Swift I knew you were Trouble and Charlie Chaplin theme songs.
A soul mate is more like a mirror, showing you ways to be a better person and vice verse.

Starbucks is looking festive and holiday-esq these days. Coming in, I see all of the colorful treats including peppermint covered almonds and dazzling coffee mugs. The Christmas tree adds a final touch to the traditional holiday season. 
These chocolates are uniquely woven in various shapes intended for creativity purposes. This does, indeed, attract attention from the customers.
The cute little fox is a symbol, obviously, but not sure what to make of it. These flavors of coffee seem delicious! We have peppermint mocha and gingerbread latte. Take your pick of choice, or stand around and inhale the sweet aroma while you enjoy some classical holiday music being played, in almost any Starbucks location.
Christmas would not be complete without the trimmings:the trimmings of the shelves, of course! These ornaments (green decorations and little golden balls) hanging around the food implicitly dress up the occasion and present a more vividly ornate appeal to the roving eye that passes by. 

A Rainy Tuesday 

Rain Rain Drip and Drop
Chilly in the 40's, on a November morning.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is lotto your motto?

If you have been paying attention to the most recent news, the Powerball lotto 2012 is coming! Its one of hte largest sums. While I did not play it (was busy studying), I did manage to play the other major lottery, mega millions. I do not often play, but once in a while, I say why not. Take a gamble, for fun. Mke it a family affair or take it up with friends. It could be a monthly thing, if at best. Good Luck!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ketchup:on another level

After all, these days there are a numerous amount of companies that carry Ketchup, Since it is primarily (should anyhow)made out of tomatoes, it may also be an allergic ingredient. Different companies add different flavoring as well. These pictures that I took have different types of spices, tomato pastes, and have a distinct flavor to each. Heinz, which we know is the most traditional, has said to contain genetically engineered ingredients. However, the ingredients other than that are simple, and very few. This tastes like Ketchup.
Wait! What about Organics? We know that usually beats everything. When we see organic, some of us distinctly ignore it for whatever reason that might include increasing prices, while others are meticulously drawn to it. I am moderate, in that I believe you should read the ingredients first and foremost, and after that, the organic sign is what I try to look for or spot. This company is considered to be healthy and tasty. Flavor wise, not bad, I must say. Very similar to the Heinz taste. Delicious and appreciated. I accept! Now you can add some fresh lentils or string beans and enjoy your organic Ketchup. 

Farm market: fresh food

After going to the farm market out in a local park, I have recollected that food from there just taste better. What's the reason for that? The apples taste as though they have been hand picked from the local farm somewhere upstate in the depth of the forests. The tomato sauce is apparently an equivalent to Ketchup, but has this rich flavor, optimized with great flavors yet minimized ingredients. This is what you expect to be ordering in a fancy restaurant with huge prices. So I advise you all, when you spot a fresh farmers market coming to your town, get out there and grab some bags and stock up on some fruit, vegetables, etc. They may charge a bit more, but the taste is something that is worth it. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Emotional outbursts: we all have them

Emotionally exasperated? Possibly a new theological expression. Who (these days) does not show signs relating to it? We get tested, repeatedly, as we surround ourselves with the same groups of people who initiate that feeling within ourselves. So, we must find a way to balance our aggressive tendencies and calm down. Presidential debates have begun only to evoke more aggressive and questionable persuasive possibilities. Our instincts are tested, our beliefs interrogated, nothing is off limits; we are struggling to make sense if it all, of us,all. Waves, illusive corruptions, reassembling ourselves as a whole. We really begin to question our morals and overall beliefs. Philosophically speaking, these thoughts pertaining to states of being and thinking promote additional thought. Some people get affected by others more easily.But, there has to be a way for us to chill out and relax. A consistent, prevalent tactic to reaffirm our strengths and rebuild our positive energies.

Luckily, there is. We must always look at the bright side and have faith, first and foremost. Smile. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and listen to classical music. Take a nap, drink some green tea or red tea, watch your favorite show, do something you like. Shopping, cleaning, taking a bath, a walk outside, call some friends, talk to family members, volunteer. This should enhance a sense of tranquility and peace. These pictures of nature evoke similar like representations of serenity and elasticity in terms of reinstating your mindset to positive thoughts and feelings. Relax.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

The End of Twinkies?

Strikes, Bankruptcy, Financial Issues, National Attention: Looks like Twinkies are going out of business! Their company, Hostess might have filed for bankruptcy. While this company has appealed to the mass consumers throughout generations, it is ironic that while it appeals to people universally, essentially time changes things. These days, health is of the essence, and individuals are more proactive with their overall health which in turn influences their dietary intake. This is taking a toll on Hostess, the company that provides these sweet, cream-filled "fast-food"desserts commonly distributed in convenience stores or vending machines. It is possible that this appreciated "junk-food" delicateness (in moderation hopefully) is not particularly popular, mainstream, as of recently. Thus, the company does not get enough profit to keep providing consumers. Ultimately, it is a shock that recently, there have been changes to the foods being distributed in our neighborhoods, which directly impact us worldwide, nationally. It seems as though because our health standards are slowly transitioning into a more aware-conscious altering way, these Twinkies don't stand a chance. After Bloomberg cut down and banned the largest sized sugar drinks, looks like we are transforming our nation slowly but surely to new heights

Shopping tips on annoying stickers

Amazing tools to help you find the right kinds of fruits and vegetables for yourself and your family! Those sticky little things attached to the sides of the fruits and vegetables do come in handy apparently, aside from telling you the type of apple you've chosen, "red delicious" for example. They tell you whether or not these foods are organically grown with or without pesticides. Not sure how reliable they are, but it's a step in the right direction, food-wise.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unity "Thanksgiving 2012"

Unity--> A concept requiring humble admiration and respect of one another, "unity" is a recurring goal intended for all to acquire. We are humans first and foremost, thus meaning we have the capability, if possible, to help out. To volunteer, do good, love, care for, and become better people in this world. There are countless ways if doing so. Whether that be traveling to the local shelter, help in your community, or even in your house and family. We sometimes overlook our capabilities to help others.
The power of our voices additionally enables us to unite on another level. An honest voice is a powerful one at best. Speaking the truth proposes integrity and creates a harmonic setting in a given environment. The ideal form and essential progress of "Unity" desires individuals to maintain familial respect and boundaries. This is number one in process. In essence, we must prioritize and be kind to each other, wholeheartedly appreciating our family members and acting upon that theoretically given systematic concept.
We learn every day, from our neighbors, our friends, our family, etc. We have the power and authority of choosing who we follow. This is how we end up uniting with our people, our path. Choose wisely, and sometimes it is more important to "do good"rather than do well.
Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with family, friends, good times and a good you! This holiday comes to us to remind each and everyone the importance of helping others, lending a hand, and living life with an appreciation and positive attitude.
Sunny November

Monday, November 12, 2012

Philosophical stance on Gestalt

Gestalt psych incorporates images that mentally trace a triangular figure. Apperception is a branch of Gestalt in that things are essentially made up of discrete and separate deceptions. The process unites various sensations and perceptions which occur from experiences.
This process is a "bottom-up" approach, building up information. Democritus was said to have coined the term, as he saw order and function of atoms as being the smallest unit that can't be divisible.

Friday, November 9, 2012


During hurricane Sandy, FEMA (financial emergency management agency) is financially aiding victims of the destruction of the massive aftermath. If people's homes, cars, or small businesses were adversely impacted by this calamity, one is advised to call in and obtain assistance. Just today I witnessed 2 individuals wearing FEMA sweatshirts, traveling from home to home to instigate damages made and essentially formulate a financially probable solution. The devastation profoundly impacted communities to an extreme in specific areas, thus provoking this system to be initiated and dynamically put forth to be executed properly. This system may help you out in one way or another. It's not too late, so everyone go out there and call! 1 (800) 621-3362