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Friday, June 7, 2013

Rain rain don't complain

Pre-storm: This weekend is coming to bring upon rain and thunder storms. All of the local news channels are urging residents of ny, li, nj, and the areas in between and along to stay put and not head out. They say this Andrea rainstorm came from Boston and headed down to Florida as well. 4 inches of rain is promised, so this tropical storm is said to surge its way into the states and leave behind some damage. Interestingly enough, Saturday welcomes a New Moon of Gemini, so that with Andrea in June creates this dynamic situation.

Post-storm: with winds, thunder, lots of rain, and lightening, there was definite flooding after all of the rain has passed, but it wasn't too extreme at the end of the day. The highways did, however, experience the after effects of the tropical storm.