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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Survey of the month!

Hey everyone, happy November!I have decided to create a survey of the month! Surveys are always fun, so why not add a few questions and have fun with it? Enjoy :)

To participate and answer the questions, just reply in the comment section or open the link at the bottom of the page an its as simple as that! 
1. What's your favorite go-to healthy snack? 
I would have to say any nuts or dried fruits, like walnuts with raisins or sunflower seeds with dried plums.

2. What is your favorite song as of now?
 "When Somebody Loves Somebody" by Celine Dion 

3. How do you feel about soul-mates?

It is an interesting concept, and I think some people meet them while others do not. It depends on how spiritually aware you are I imagine. It's all about connection, and you can have many soul mates so it just takes time to find the absolute right one for you.

4. How do you stay internally balanced?
Yoga, practicing gratitude daily by being thankful. It is important to find your peace by doing thing that you enjoy and find center in. Reading quotes and writing also work.

5. What are two things that are always in your refrigerator? 
Hmm...maybe ketchup and Brussels Sprouts.

6. Favorite color for your walls? 
Maybe light blue..blue calms people down generally.

7. Favorite tea?
 Red tea; its tasty and has no caffeine!

8. Do you ever take time out to reflect on things? If so, how? 
Helping others, watching nature, listening to fun music, journaling, cleaning. 

9. What makes you angry? 
When people do not understand me.

10. What is your motto to live by?
 Love freely, live truthfully, and show gratitude daily <3

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X86PLCVSurvey of the Month!