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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Recipes for the sensitive stomach

Healthy Breakfast for Nausea

Hi all!
When it comes to leaky gut, what is it really? Well, for one thing, it is actually fairly common among all people, as these days we do not take care of our overall health. Leaky gut can be caused from:

  • overuse of antibiotics
  • stress*
  • foods with sugar, bread, gluten, starch, wheat (JUNK FOOD)
  • lack of probiotics (KEFIR)
 *Keep the stress to a minimum; practice yoga, meditation, gratitude, keep a journal, free your thoughts.

Now that you know what potentially causes it, some of the symptoms that may appear could be you feeling bloated after a meal, nauseous, or brain fog (confusion). Usually you would be allergic to soy, dairy, and eggs if you would have an extreme case. So, a stool test would be ideal to take. Genova is a good lab and there are some others if you use Google.

On those days where you are very bloated and have much brain fog, here is a great way to relieve all of that:

  • Take an enzyme with every meal
  • Eat more liquids than solids so that your body can easily digest all of the nutrients
  • For breakfast eat some tangerines or a grapefruit.
  • Wait about 10min so you can digest accordingly.
  • The next three ingredients are a great little recipe that my mom came up with and it helps an upset stomach greatly with a perfect combination
  • 1-2 cups of Green tea (not too strong to avoid caffeine) +  a cup of applesauce + a cup of Tvorog with 1 Tablespoon of Udo 369 oil (Flaxseed)

Enjoy :)

Hi lovely!

Sometimes you want a meal that is easy on your stomach. Either you have cramps or just want something soothing and scrumptious nonetheless, check out these uniquely combined ingredients that make for a great meal: 

Garlic, homemade apple sauce (sliced apples mixed in a blender with a bit of water), coconut oil, and raw cheddar cheese. To make it even better add some green tea (matcha is great) and turmeric (sounds interesting but tastes superb with the cheese combo). It is truly smooth and satisfying and if you need something to soothe and ease your sensitive stomach after or during a cold, try this quick and delicious recipe! Boun Appetite :)