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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Themed Scrabble Mania

Happy Wednesday Lovely!

Who doesn't love the infamously exciting board game Scrabble? It's great for get togethers and makes for some fun word trivia. That being said, it can get somewhat monotonous in time so I found a great addition to the game: Themed Scrabble! Pick a theme and then start the game trying to find only words that describe said theme. Its pretty awesome if I do say so myself! My sister and I played the first round of themed scrabble ever! The results are below and our first theme was "Town". I decided to write a poem with all the utilized words (bold words). Enjoy and go play some Scrabble!  

Town Themed Scrabble

In a far away town where pearls are found

And beautiful pink pigs aimlessly wander around 

Where people are kind and warm

To each mon or animal, they do no harm, with or without a heavy summer storm 

Where young children play with swag and run with their super excited feet 

Where all live happily and all love to eat

And after they eat whole foods they go out to dance outdoors in the summer deg weather

They are loved by each other, encouraging personal growth, content because they are stronger 

When all the dancing is done and the musical hits have stopped playing, they go to sleep 

They slumber in a peaceful state of REM without a little peep 

XOXO- Lusciously Levi