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Monday, September 28, 2015

Lift the layers of the ego and find your true self underneath the veils

Hi Lovely!
Here is my thought of the week:
Lists-we are very good at making lists. We make to-do lists, career lists, relationship lists, ideas in our heads, the list goes on, pun intended! We have become a generation that enjoys that feeling of control and efficiency. There is nothing wrong with that, until it begins to become an obsession.
These lists and ideas are made by our ego, that little extension of our true selves that feels the need to be the center of attention all the time. If we continue to feed it, we are only ending up losing ourselves. The ego loves competition. It wants to feel validated every moment of every day. If we give in, we will confuse our mind.

Lift the layers of the ego and find your true self underneath the veilsSo how can we control our egos so that we can live a life that is truthful, kind, and loving? Well, first things first: Stop trying to impress people. Stop putting on all that makeup and jewelry. Try going Au Natural for a few days and notice the difference. Take a break from everything that makes you feel tense and journal down your feelings. Maybe you want to watch a funny show or dance around your bathroom while brushing your teeth. Get silly, love yourself, and have fun a bit more when possible.

The main thing would be to not compare yourself to anyone else. Your life journey is special to yourself and you have a right to honor that. Follow your path, do good around you, and focus on love. This is how your ego will be tamed down.