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Monday, December 3, 2012

Delightful December

Clementines for sale
These juicy fruits are delectable yet so small!
Squirrel Eating Quietly
On a warm Wednesday, this cute little squirrel went near a broken tree (due to Sandy) and peacefully decided to munch on his or her lunch (nuts, preferably).
 A piece of nature
Sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy the view.
 Trying is the first step 

Gain inspiration from within when there is momentarily none on the external surface.

It is warm out today! Almost feels like summer

Grandma's Farmer Cheese

This old fashioned farmer cheese seems to continue and thrive exceedingly and implicitly adheres to serving the current generation of hungry people. They do have a unique and everlasting traditional saying that grandmas make the best (combination of healthy and tasty) food!

Christmas Decorations are in full swing on balconies!
 Quote of the Day
"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
Easier said than done, I contest that these wise words are truly a valuable imaginary keepsake for every individual to contain.


Laundry Day

Time to get busy with the laundry! Soap, money, and all of the clothes. Homemade chocolate bread 

December calls for some good eat'n! Here's some nice comfort food after a long, cold day.

Homemade borscht
A Russian delicatessen, borscht is a traditional homemade soup served either in a red or green color. You could also choose hot vs. cold. Sour cream is another option to add to the soup for extra flavor as well as adding a slice of crispy bread with butter to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy



Time to get your nutcrackers out! A majestic symbol in the ballet, "The Nutcracker" and one that I performed in many many times at the New York City Ballet with The School of American Ballet. So fulfilling and rewarding, performing for all of the excitedly awaiting children. Do they really crack nuts though?

Santa is coming to Town

Amidst the holiday festivities, many children's stores have added a traditional Christmas tree and the good ol' Santa Claus in the front main window so that all the fellow onlookers would enjoy and appreciate the atmosphere with their kids.

A taste of the holidays, literally!  

-Here are just a few of the yummy Christmas desserts that are beautiful to look at, they automatically get you into the spirit of family and love!