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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear diary

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Easier said than done, I contest that these wise words are truly a valuable imaginary keepsake for every individual to contain. 

Word of the day is: nictitate. It means to wink.
Americans are commonly known for their keen, unique, rapid lifestyles. Always on the go, we conceptualize and in turn physically act upon everything quickly. Whether that be fashion, business, or politics, the art of speaking deserves as much effort as the former categories require.
There are college courses specifically devoted to teaching pure public speaking. This is essentially a skill, one that requires effort, time, and practice. Reading daily correlates positively with a broader vocabulary, and an increased intellect. Ultimately, reading anything and everything is simply suggested. Newspapers, books, articles, catalogs, novels, maps, etc., all vastly contribute to our vocabulary and impact our way of communicating with others. It benefits each and everyone in a way that increases knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for all.

Weekend after Thanksgiving: Family Outing

Watching tv, just ate breakfast, studying psychology. Yesterday was freezing but nice out. Me and my family went out to a farmers market and bought delicious fresh fruit. Among the delectable Fuji apples, hot apple cider, apple plain donuts, scallops, french baguettes, and apple muffins were all purchased as well. We proceeded to take a walk in a park even though it was breezy and chilly out.
Listening to Taylor Swift I knew you were Trouble and Charlie Chaplin theme songs.
A soul mate is more like a mirror, showing you ways to be a better person and vice verse.

Starbucks is looking festive and holiday-esq these days. Coming in, I see all of the colorful treats including peppermint covered almonds and dazzling coffee mugs. The Christmas tree adds a final touch to the traditional holiday season. 
These chocolates are uniquely woven in various shapes intended for creativity purposes. This does, indeed, attract attention from the customers.
The cute little fox is a symbol, obviously, but not sure what to make of it. These flavors of coffee seem delicious! We have peppermint mocha and gingerbread latte. Take your pick of choice, or stand around and inhale the sweet aroma while you enjoy some classical holiday music being played, in almost any Starbucks location.
Christmas would not be complete without the trimmings:the trimmings of the shelves, of course! These ornaments (green decorations and little golden balls) hanging around the food implicitly dress up the occasion and present a more vividly ornate appeal to the roving eye that passes by. 

A Rainy Tuesday 

Rain Rain Drip and Drop
Chilly in the 40's, on a November morning.