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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Springtime Sublime

Spring time brings out the hungry squirrels. These guys are running to us and standing tall looking for any good they can get. Next time we are bringing some crackers!

Below the squirrels I added a nice healthy creation of egg with mashed potato picture. Tasty and fulfilling!

Here are all of the weather reports and we have had some dramatic increases and decreases in weather patterns!

Time for some chocolate cake with a white looking flower in the center! Oh the sweet tooth people get excited. Inside you have some luscious marshmallow, chocolate waffles, and cream. It's great with a hot steaming cup of tea. "No need to add sugar as cake is all the needed sugar (quote from my grandpa)"

The springtime in June is warm and sunny. Here are the yummy homemade chicken cutlets that smell spicy fresh. ( for a great extra flavor try adding turmerica dash of sea salt, oregano, onion, and eggs, along with the the white meat itself)

Remember, organic is best and healthiest*

The sky is clear and bright blue. You can see the pinkish sunset merge together with the clouds and sky, beautiful! The ocean is a prominent blue color, getting warmer with the weather and sun as well.

Generally when we feel stressed out, let's take some time to just look up at the sky, part of the beauty of the world around us. We can learn to appreciate it in all it's glory. Let's find that center within us and through the nature surrounding us, merge with it, and gain clarity and peace. 🙏