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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Banana, the New Candy

We know that bananas are the typical after school snack for kids as they are a fruit without complications. These fruits are sweet, and even taste like candy. It comes in a "wrapper", so to speak, so your hands do not have to be ideally clean, as you are not touching it directly. Also, generally speaking, bananas are an easy on-the-go type of accessible fruit. In addition, because of the banana's resourcefulness, it is  very popular indeed.
Practicality aside, we do not necessarily know the health benefits to the banana. So, let us begin the journey!
Bananas have a great amount of potassium in them. This means that it accesses our body and promotes overall better nerve function. This increases our ability to be stronger and work out our muscles, as the nerve and muscle functions are interrelated with the potassium intake. Bananas also contain vitamin C and B-6, respectively. The latter plays a role in creating new cells, so it is a form of oxygen to our cells.
Fiber is one of the other important factors of nutrition in the banana. Fiber generally acts as a digestive booster. In addition, it keeps us full so we do not feel the urge to go and grab some alternative snacks afterwards. Bananas are also great as a yogurt or as an ice. In addition, you can spread some Nutella on it!
A happy person is peaceful person, so a slice of healthy banana will make you both! I always say that banana is like a delicious dessert, so enjoy half a banana a day every day if it works for you.