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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When we search for LOVE...

Hi Lovely,

We like searching for love. We want someone to give it to us, from an array of different perspectives mostly in terms of support. Many of us want financial support, others desire emotional support, and some of the outliers might simply want to just be "left alone" from it all (a more rebellious kind of avoidance approach is systematically played out here, possibly because there is a deeper hurt invested). Think about the kind of love/support that you want for yourself for a moment.

    ~ Love is the silence of the soul ~

As we jump from relationship to relationship, or from the same arguments to similar emotional reactions, we need to learn to be more quiet, more still, and essentially to pay attention to our own internal desire for love and how we truly perceive it from a soul level. Physically it could be crystal clear what we want, but underneath the physical reasons there is a deeper meaning why that physical manifestation keeps popping up. Perhaps it is something we need to heal from our own selves, as an antiquated habitual cycle has most likely been instilled in all of us in one way or another (either consciously or subconsciously over time). All the love we need is ours and whatever we project outwardly is that sense of love that is in fact missing from our own hearts. Let us aim to become the love we seek from others.

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XOXO Lusciously Levi