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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A letter to the child within you

Dear Self,

You are enough. With all the people competing and comparing around you, YOU are enough. Right now, right here, with all of your feelings and emotions, it is all beautifully fine. People will still judge you, they will talk about you, but it is not your business to associate with that. You just keep growing, keep spreading kindness, and keep expressing yourself through your heart. I just thought you needed to hear this.

I know you are trying hard to fit in; sometimes you try so hard that you lose your morals and adapt to concepts of ideals of what you "should" be doing, but I understand that you will do what you need to do at your own time and pace and it will have nothing to do with what people want you to be or not to be. Follow your authenticity, for it is what makes you free and not trapped by others who might feel the same way but are too frightened to get inside their own hearts so they enforce those ideals as a defense mechanism for their own insecurities. 

The best thing we can do for ourselves is feel, understand, let go, and grow. So go ahead and let yourself feel, this is the reason we are here, to feel and heal it all.

Now I challenge YOU to write a letter to yourself, through the eyes of your childhood. What were you like? Your hopes, dreams, fears? Did you feel loved, unloved, jealous, hurt, angry, happy? We need to reconnect with our childhood if we have any desire of evolving into truly loving and successful human beings without holding any defenses against others in our daily interactions. All that internal pain and blame is the root of it all. If you are not living from your heart and sharing joy with yourself or your loved ones you need to uncover a hidden layer of emptiness that is heavily placed over your beautiful heart. Maybe you didn’t get the love you needed as a child, or maybe you did. Whatever circumstance you experienced does not limit or inhibit you in any way to achieve the highest level of love in your heart, because now it is up to you to find that love inside yourself, on your own. It is a process and it is possible: LOVE for you by you from you to YOU. <3

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XOXO Lusciously Levi