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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Poems, an outlet to expressing a little thing called love ❤

Poem about the rain

Oh rain, you make an incredible feeling
An internal rhythm, so sleepy, so endearing
The drips the drops the sound of calm
Like a feather falling on top of your palm
Time for some warm tea and a comfy couch
A family get together, so tight, some had to slouch
The music was on, dancing amid the air
Movement and smiles, circulating our hair
Forward and back, we followed one another
turning down the lights and adding candles, done by my mother
This created serenity, a sense of unadulterated peace
As raindrops kept falling, the tree branches rattling piece by piece
As the sun was not present, it was time for a nap
For us, for all, together, we heard the windows tap
Sounds of the rain, aspiring to forgo
To expose a certain tranquility, for us it does not show
We only feel the touch of the weather instigation
An appreciated phenomenon, almost an intensified denomination

I found this adorable Love Poem on one of the Pinterest boards❤ 

Simple words have the deepest meanings.We take love for granted. Either we spend a lot of our time with people who know nothing about love or we spend time running away from people who are giving us the love that we need and deserve. That being said, love is natural and real. If you feel it, give it, expand yourself, and stay true to the love you can give.

We know that love makes the world go round. When we know and understand the true value and meaning of giving love, anything is possible. Love is easy when it comes from the heart.