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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cartoons, not just a Network, but a Family/Community!

Hey Arnold !
~~Cartoons are not just distractions for children. They are a template for the future. Depending on which cartoon you discuss, typically older cartoons including Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Doug, etc., evoke positive characteristics and create a strong foundation for children's minds long term. In essence, these cartoons promote positive well being, family oriented living, moral interactions, and diversity galore. One common effect here is the underlying comrade feeling within the characters. Each possess his/her own role in the family, community, neighborhood. The characters represent real life contribution to society. With patience, understanding, and common courtesy, these characters develop and grow up to portray positive role models. Children growing up with these shows, in retrospect, should ultimately embody this proposition. Having grown up watching these shows, I can reminisce about them and evaluate how they altered my way of thinking. They are positive, with a sense of levity, and overall appealing charisma. I appreciate these cartoons and applaud them for their unique way of bringing children, adults, and everyone in between together to appreciate them, and learn from them as well.~~
Arthur is a rational, exceptionally caring and giving character, thoroughly examining life. This cartoon overall basis its' predominant purpose on searching and diversifying life. Each friend is a different animal, a bear, a rabbit, etc. The kids learn to grow and learn about life and each other. 
Scooby-dooby-doo! This unique gang with a dog on their side went on adventures as a united clan, typically mysteries that had to be solved. It was a team effort, each equally contributing to any given set of crisis. The common denominator here was that they worked together, fought together, and ultimately surpassed the evil monsters, together.  It can teach us a simple tactic in life's navigation: People need to stick together for the better good. Friends and family are only as powerful as they put in the effort. This is an "actions speak louder than words" concept. One that stresses communication, understanding, care, and appreciation for each other.  

A true Classic, this cartoon to this day identifies with the trajectory of progressed time. As much as Tom & Jerry appeal to myself and the younger  generation, it equally generates excitement for my parent and grandparents. The mischief, co-reliability, co-dependance, unique relationship between the silent cat and mouse, represent constituent forces that us Americans often times experience on a regular day to day basis.  

Disney Movies are also cartoons, but they are particular in that they tell a story of journey and destiny. Two of my favorite Disney Movies were on recently, so I thought I would share! 

Rugrats was one of those family cartoons most kids grew up watching. It had family values, morals, ethics, and adventure.  

A Whole New World-Aladdin
All you kids ready for some Aladdin tonight? Time for some fairytale fun and adventures with this magical love story. They are playing it on cable tonight. Just shows you the importance of happiness, freedom, choices, options, and chances. Time shows you when you're ready for any adventure you want to take. Enjoy! 

The Glass Slipper, also known as Cinderella is playing on television right now! It takes me back to childhood memories. When good and bad were so easily disputable and clearly identifiable. Ah so simple and enjoyable.

Through these kinds of magical movies we come to realize we all have challenges to overcome and need to become a better version of ourselves.

Cinderella ❤