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Thursday, January 3, 2013

All about the fruit!

Papaya the fruit
So sweet and yummy
The taste is impeccably astute
As sugary as honey

You may choose your way
to eat it dry or raw
chewy or gooey anytime of the day
it even provides a workout for your jaw

 Papaya is unique as it grows out of a tree
Covered in green 
Surrounded by many, have a see
The trees line up, straight like a seam 

 Its tropical and filled with seeds
ranging in sizes
Unusually colorful like a pair of beads
may be eaten as soon as it arises

So enjoy a slice of papaya today
your choice of texture and taste
In the summertime is best, in May
The quality is no waste

The Apple/Pear fruit combination seems odd at first, well to me it did as least. But this unique co-existing tasty alternative seems to appeal to consumers.
The texture is a bit rough more so like a traditional pear, and the shape is more so like an average apple. However, the taste is somewhere in between the two fruits. Not too sweet and not too sour. Its hard to make out what it tastes like exactly, but your taste buds will be surprised, as it is not a common fruit.

If I were a Fruit...
Fruits are one of those essential food groups that give you an automatic burst of energy and a dose of natural sugar. From blueberries to watermelons 🍉, fruits range according to size, color, and what's in season. Diversity galore!

There are many tropical fruits, which are deliciously juicy and uniquely flavorful. Some of these are: bananas, coconuts, pineapple, mango, papaya, and guava. Their flavors are accurately sour or sweet depending on the specific fruit.

The following fruits are organized in categories according to specific months and/or seasons. These are specific prime periods for the fruits which are applicably in season and thus more tasty and accurately ripe.
--During the spring/fall seasons: oranges might be preferred.
--Aug/Sep:strawberries, blueberries, apricots, grapes, honeydew
--July: watermelon, peaches

From all if these delectably enticing fruits, if I were a fruit, I would choose apples. Aside from being sweetly delicious and melting in your mouth tasty, there are so many different varieties if apples. From Gala to Red Delicious to Empire to Cortland, you could conceivably choose an apples according to your current mood. ☺ In addition, they are the best preservable fruit not consumed with sugar like grapes or bananas.