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Friday, September 27, 2013

Blueberries on a roll, take some daily in a bowl!

Blueberries are a delicious fruit. They can be sweet or sour, eaten for breakfast, or in your protein smoothie. There are multiple ways to get that exquisite taste onto our taste buds. In addition, while we may appreciate blueberries as just a flavor, there are many beneficial qualities to eating them daily.

 Firstly, Blueberries are berries which are high in antioxidants. Also, they have high levels of Vitamin C, great for the aid in our overall digestion. Blueberries are rich in fiber and contain a vast majority of potency for the common cold. The antioxidants within the blueberries make our overall immune systems stronger. They inhibit viral as well as bacterial infections. Whether you eat a handful of these luscious berries or a cup full, they are low in calories, so you can eat more of them with an appreciated sense of taste.

Surprisingly to some, blueberries promote the health of urinary tracts. They are cleansing in this form, providing inner wall lining of the urinary tract with protection and nutrients. In this case, the blueberries have the potential to minimize the bacteria from forming in these hollow canals. In addition, blueberries  contain anthocyanosides, the compound that was found to inhibit visual loss. This is great news, as you are giving your eyes healing nutrients as well as your overall body. The brain health is also included in this compound. Blueberries help with keeping that sharp memory, so grab a couple handfuls of blueberries a day. On another note, blueberries reduce the belly fat, which is always good for one to hear who is health conscious and weight conscious. Because of the low calories, blueberries do not encourage belly fat to arise, but on the contrary, keep our weight at bay.

Another great mention of blueberries enhances our overall temperaments. When we become sad or depressed, take a handful of blueberries and watch as your mood becomes more positive. So keep blueberries in your daily regimen and enjoy them as a basic snack category as well!