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Friday, December 27, 2013

December Daydreams

Hi Lovely!

December has come upon us! This is the holiday season that brings joy, laughter, and excitement. Lets take this time to really love one another and not be angry. Breathe calmly and act peacefully. If you all want, check out my recently published articles in the "Spiritual Wisdom Magazine": 4 things to be grateful for this holiday season, Path to Spirituality, Do You Live With Faith?,Thoughts are the minds nutrition, To be or not to be...and in "Elite Daily": 5 Lessons in Discipline I learned as a Professional Ballerina. They can help you get into the holiday spirit as well as offer you some insight and inspiration on how to live with joy and creativity, enjoy! 

For today's dinner, here is a great list of homemade food: red tea, a shot of carrot juice, some sunflower seeds, lentils, and sauerkraut!  

Winter is here, and the first snow fall is as delicate as a feather in flight. Enjoy every moment! The glistening snow makes you want to make snow angels, sing holiday music classics, and meditate on the refreshingly beautiful air around you! Happy December :)