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Monday, August 31, 2015

Wrapping up the Summer with a September Super Moon Poem

There's just something about that bright round moon
Feeling its' full presence from midnight to late afternoon
Shining down upon your overwhelming heart
Encouraging your joyful laugh or tearful cry; the full moon evokes it all, tearing you apart

This is not a bad thing, being exposed to how you feel
For hiding any ounce of your truth is like apologizing for being real
The summer sky holds memories and much more
What are we willing to surrender to, as we feel opened or closed, looking for a loosely hinged door

Just know how ever lonely you feel when you look up
So many others follow in your footsteps, we are all one, waiting for our close up
Searching, finding meaning, understanding others, and oh the feeling
Breaking all the rules for a while; temporarily protected by what we're concealing

This is the journey that must be taken
To unravel each layer of frustration, to feel your inner soul slowly awaken
From the pain and confusion of the past
So that it will smoothly fade away, not ever needing to stand by or last

The super full moon is a powerful force that shakes us to our core
Instilling thoughts and concepts that govern our actions; wild they may be, unable to ignore  
The moral of it all is to feel your feelings and let them come and go
Like the rapid waves of the ocean; its' sole purpose is to remain steady in the moment, as only then will you begin to grow

XOXO Lusciously Levi

Image Credit: http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/files/2013/06/supermoon-may5-2012-x.jpg