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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Calm YOUR mind, calm YOUR soul

      A Healthy Mind is a Peaceful Soul

Buddha is a total peacemaker. This sense of calmness and peacefulness seems so hard to find for us as people, but with the right mind set and lots of practice and dedication, achieving that relaxed state of being may be attainable within reach. It basically has to do with emptying the mind in an effort to center the mind effectively and efficiently.  This includes freeing your mind of insufficient and invaluable information that holds you in one place and inhibits your overall growth and potential prosperous advances.

 Buddhism tends to focus on the very aspect of remaining at the center of your core. This means not desiring so much that you go insane if you do not receive what you so desperately desire. On the contrary, this practice proposes one to accept and ultimately appreciate one's life overall. This will definitely take time and effort. Once this energy is revealed in a positive light, one will feel secure and at peace. That being said, we must aim to live for now, work on ourselves, do good, and work hard. The rest is basically out of our hands, so we should not try to control every aspect of our lives, which can really end up being an exhausting task without plausible results.

Still, we are humans, with feelings and desires. Therefore, with that comes frustration and anger once in a while. Our feelings get hurt and people have misunderstandings. However, if you take out any negativity towards your fellow people, either actively or passively, you might become angry later i your life, without ever realizing why. Therefore, your anger should teach you to take a step back and really think about what it is you are really upset about, and try and communicate these situations with somebody you love.

We, as individuals, have the authority to actively partake in our destiny. We must take action and not passively look to our friends to guide us on our life's path. This concept is the true meaning of our lives. It is a sole conquest, where each soul is on a quest for purpose and meaning. This journey is a project that is individualistic, and must be applied to that particular person, but compared to nobody else. 

Be you, be real ❤ 

So people these days tend to compare themselves to each other. Whether it be their friends, family, siblings, or work associates. This kind of character benefits nobody. Also, it creates needless tension that manifests itself around you and your aura. It provokes this sense of uncomfort within, likely to make you feel inferior and extra competitive. Thus, we must not focus on out doing anyone. On the contrary, we should learn to follow our own lives, and fulfill our own destiny and desire. It makes no difference if you were to go look in someone else's plate, for instance. We need to take responsibility for what we have and build off from there. We must efficiently appreciate our lives and not be upset about what other people have. They are living their own lives, and you should live your life, on your terms. This is the beauty of it. You can essentially only compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and grow and evolve from there, accordingly. The main take-away from this post would be to ultimately focus on your own destiny truthfully and honestly and ignore the extra loud noises that may tend to temporarily surround you. Just breathe, appreciate, and do YOUR best to thrive and do good!

You have misconstrued my connotation! 

Such a familiar feeling these days, don't you agree? There are countless misunderstandings where we simply do not "get" what the other person who is speaking is specifically referring to. We get confused, angry, and annoyed. While this continues to happen, we must alternatively remember that we are human beings, who are not perfect. We make mistakes. However, we would like to carry out the outward appearance of seeming ideal to our fellow human beings. On the contrary, we should inevitably learn to accept people's points of view. Thus, if we wish to get along with others in a harmonious setting and manner, we should indubitably strive to see things from our fellow people's perspectives, even as they may be opposite to our beliefs. This is essentially is a gateway for feeling more content with ourselves.
We should remember that by hearing out the other person, we internally gain more knowledge and wisdom. The fact is that no two people's perspectives are identical. There are numerous ways to implore a given topic. In addition, it is our sole responsibility, as human beings, to attempt to listen to those views in an effort to treat others with respect and decency. This will minimize or possibly eliminate the potential for arguments, as once we do not comprehend the other persons motives, we get upset that they do not match how we are thinking.  So the next time you listen to someones views and you initially disagree with them, open up your mind and learn to be more accepting. 
 Just being aware of the fact that someone perceives a topic in a diverging way than you will catapult you onto a level where less arguments would arise and more peace would take place. This will additionally evoke a sense of contentment on your part as you will be able to get along better with other people. Finally, as a result, you will feel more confident within yourself!