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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Food Time USA!

 Dear Diary,

Watching tv, just ate breakfast, studying psychology. Yesterday was freezing but nice out. Me and my family went out to a farmers market and bought delicious fresh fruit. Among the delectable Fuji apples, hot apple cider, apple plain donuts, scallops, french baguettes, and apple muffins were all purchased as well. We proceeded to take a walk in a park even though it was breezy and chilly out.  
Listening to Taylor Swift I knew you were Trouble and Charlie Chaplin theme songs.

 Juniors cheesecake factory in NYC is spectacularly unique. They produce an original taste of pure cheesecake with additional toppings and/or extras in your preferred specialty.

Fruits, the natural sources of sugar (fructose and glucose). Take your pick and alternate from apples to pears, grapefruits to mangos, or kiwis to oranges; just make sure to eat them before they go bad!

 Tuesday Dinner

1) Carrots and apples for a refreshing homemade carrot juice.

2) Traditional meat and potatoes, with a few string beans.