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Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Weekend Inspiration

 Memorial Day Weekend

What is Memorial Day anyway? We celebrate it every year, school and work is off, and we enjoy some family fun. But sales aside, what's the actual history behind it all? Well, as we salute every American hero on this day who served in the United States Armed Forces, we remain truly grateful as American citizens.
Today specifically, we remember that the men and women who support us fight for us. So on this day every year, we commemorate the soldiers who died in the Civil War and beyond. Let us come together in support and honor the great work that the military service continuously provides for us, including safety, freedom, and peace! The traditional observance
on Memorial Day is the raised United States Flag  and then it respectively lowers until noon. It represents the process during the day, and through this process, we respect and remember the millions of both men and women who gave their lives to the service of their country. Let us participate, and honor and rise as we realize what the American Flag stands for: liberty and justice for all.

Weekend Quote: Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Weekend Thought: We have different ideas of soul mates. Sometimes we obsess over the ideal form, but that's irrelevant. The main thing that a soul mate should provide for us is a better "us". A better you, a better me. That's it, simply. The person makes you a better person and you him. It's a give and take, equally. It is magical though, because the feeling of being your true self and someone not only validating it but enhancing it is all we need from someone. To help us grow, reach our wisdom, and make the world a better place should bring us peace at the end of the day.

Weekend To-Do: To do good and feel good you must take the first steps to acquire success. These steps are based on your desires to achieve your dreams. Remember, there is no competition, only progress to be completed. Take action ❤ 

A delicious weekend breakfast! This french toast is yummy and satisfying, with cheese, a bit of whole butter, and a sizzle of maple syrup!

 A cup of tea, some warm sunshine, and a clear blue sky in New York (first March weekend of 2013)