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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unity "Thanksgiving 2012"

Unity--> A concept requiring humble admiration and respect of one another, "unity" is a recurring goal intended for all to acquire. We are humans first and foremost, thus meaning we have the capability, if possible, to help out. To volunteer, do good, love, care for, and become better people in this world. There are countless ways if doing so. Whether that be traveling to the local shelter, help in your community, or even in your house and family. We sometimes overlook our capabilities to help others.
The power of our voices additionally enables us to unite on another level. An honest voice is a powerful one at best. Speaking the truth proposes integrity and creates a harmonic setting in a given environment. The ideal form and essential progress of "Unity" desires individuals to maintain familial respect and boundaries. This is number one in process. In essence, we must prioritize and be kind to each other, wholeheartedly appreciating our family members and acting upon that theoretically given systematic concept.
We learn every day, from our neighbors, our friends, our family, etc. We have the power and authority of choosing who we follow. This is how we end up uniting with our people, our path. Choose wisely, and sometimes it is more important to "do good"rather than do well.
Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with family, friends, good times and a good you! This holiday comes to us to remind each and everyone the importance of helping others, lending a hand, and living life with an appreciation and positive attitude.
Sunny November