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Friday, November 16, 2012

The End of Twinkies?

Strikes, Bankruptcy, Financial Issues, National Attention: Looks like Twinkies are going out of business! Their company, Hostess might have filed for bankruptcy. While this company has appealed to the mass consumers throughout generations, it is ironic that while it appeals to people universally, essentially time changes things. These days, health is of the essence, and individuals are more proactive with their overall health which in turn influences their dietary intake. This is taking a toll on Hostess, the company that provides these sweet, cream-filled "fast-food"desserts commonly distributed in convenience stores or vending machines. It is possible that this appreciated "junk-food" delicateness (in moderation hopefully) is not particularly popular, mainstream, as of recently. Thus, the company does not get enough profit to keep providing consumers. Ultimately, it is a shock that recently, there have been changes to the foods being distributed in our neighborhoods, which directly impact us worldwide, nationally. It seems as though because our health standards are slowly transitioning into a more aware-conscious altering way, these Twinkies don't stand a chance. After Bloomberg cut down and banned the largest sized sugar drinks, looks like we are transforming our nation slowly but surely to new heights