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Monday, November 26, 2012

Ketchup:on another level

After all, these days there are a numerous amount of companies that carry Ketchup, Since it is primarily (should anyhow)made out of tomatoes, it may also be an allergic ingredient. Different companies add different flavoring as well. These pictures that I took have different types of spices, tomato pastes, and have a distinct flavor to each. Heinz, which we know is the most traditional, has said to contain genetically engineered ingredients. However, the ingredients other than that are simple, and very few. This tastes like Ketchup.
Wait! What about Organics? We know that usually beats everything. When we see organic, some of us distinctly ignore it for whatever reason that might include increasing prices, while others are meticulously drawn to it. I am moderate, in that I believe you should read the ingredients first and foremost, and after that, the organic sign is what I try to look for or spot. This company is considered to be healthy and tasty. Flavor wise, not bad, I must say. Very similar to the Heinz taste. Delicious and appreciated. I accept! Now you can add some fresh lentils or string beans and enjoy your organic Ketchup. 

Farm market: fresh food

After going to the farm market out in a local park, I have recollected that food from there just taste better. What's the reason for that? The apples taste as though they have been hand picked from the local farm somewhere upstate in the depth of the forests. The tomato sauce is apparently an equivalent to Ketchup, but has this rich flavor, optimized with great flavors yet minimized ingredients. This is what you expect to be ordering in a fancy restaurant with huge prices. So I advise you all, when you spot a fresh farmers market coming to your town, get out there and grab some bags and stock up on some fruit, vegetables, etc. They may charge a bit more, but the taste is something that is worth it. Enjoy!