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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Emotional outbursts: we all have them

Emotionally exasperated? Possibly a new theological expression. Who (these days) does not show signs relating to it? We get tested, repeatedly, as we surround ourselves with the same groups of people who initiate that feeling within ourselves. So, we must find a way to balance our aggressive tendencies and calm down. Presidential debates have begun only to evoke more aggressive and questionable persuasive possibilities. Our instincts are tested, our beliefs interrogated, nothing is off limits; we are struggling to make sense if it all, of us,all. Waves, illusive corruptions, reassembling ourselves as a whole. We really begin to question our morals and overall beliefs. Philosophically speaking, these thoughts pertaining to states of being and thinking promote additional thought. Some people get affected by others more easily.But, there has to be a way for us to chill out and relax. A consistent, prevalent tactic to reaffirm our strengths and rebuild our positive energies.

Luckily, there is. We must always look at the bright side and have faith, first and foremost. Smile. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and listen to classical music. Take a nap, drink some green tea or red tea, watch your favorite show, do something you like. Shopping, cleaning, taking a bath, a walk outside, call some friends, talk to family members, volunteer. This should enhance a sense of tranquility and peace. These pictures of nature evoke similar like representations of serenity and elasticity in terms of reinstating your mindset to positive thoughts and feelings. Relax.