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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election Roundup

Head to the polls Americans, the time has arrived! Romney vs. Obama, the 2012 election is today and there are signs galore posted on the walls surrounding my building area to accurately inform the general public of the importance and significance of voting. In addition, the "word of the day" conveniently appeared on my iPhone as 'franchise', the right to vote. While this day comes almost at a shock to so many due to the horrific  Sandy Hurricane and its' adverse aftermath, people are still exuberantly getting out there and doing their best to make their vote count. The elders are currently swarming the specific doorway entry and are eagerly awaiting to cast their vote. My father is vigilantly watching the news, attentively keeping an ear out concerning the percents and up-to-date information regarding the separated vote distributions depending on each state for the election coverage. Lets see what happens this year, here we go!