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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gas rationing "Need Gas" -talk of the town

Bloomberg put forth a new progressive procedural plan for drivers to obtain gasoline more efficiently, since currently only 25% of the gas stations provide their customers with available gas for the cars, trucks, etc. In addition, the "rationing" begins tomorrow and people's license plates ending in an odd number get priority; essentially, only those vehicles may get gas. The following day, its the even license plates who have priority. That way, less people would have to wait in line. Seems like a good plan that could be organized well if initiated properly.

Raise the roof
One of the effects of Sandy entitled residents of our building to get access to the roof. Seemingly a private location, the door to the roof connects two parts of the buildings into one. Therefore, on the side of the building with elevator access, this would essentially provide the higher flights without elevator service to conveniently transport themselves through this unique endeavor. 
Snow right after the devastation of  Hurricane Sandy, in the midst of the nor'easter!

Ever analyze the stuff in your car? Me neither. But since Sandy totaled our car, we took my grandpas car for a while and I thought it was interesting how different it looked, in terms of the "decorations" within the vehicle. There's this little doggie near the windshield that keeps nodding as the car moves, since the head is not attached to its body. Cute:)